A guy tells his mom, that he will bring someone home and he comes with a kitten

A little kitten, that was very active for his age

Jodee thought, that her son was going to bring his girlfriend, when he told he was bringing someone. But when he came the visitor was much smaller, than she thought.

“When he told he was bringing a visitor home, I asked “who”? he answered “you’ll see”. I thought it was his girlfriend.”

And when Jodee opened the door she saw someone, that wasn’t even close to be his girlfriend. It was a little cat.

Her son works at a paintball park and when he discovered the little abandoned kitten covering under some steps, he immediately took him. The poor kitten had been abandoned for two days, but happily now he has a loving owners, who adored him.

“I was very touched, when I saw it was a newborn cat, as she was very little and sweet. The kitty has the sweetest nature.”

The little saved kitten, that hasn’t named yet was happy at his grandmother’s house.

And he even has a cuddly kitty cushion.

“Although being very small, the kitten is very active and well-developed.”

The kitten is a perfect house visitor and will come back to Grandma’s house in the future.

Although many mothers want their children to bring home important guests, the kitty was really sweet.

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