A family finds a frozen kitten and revives him

A generosity that rescued the small kitten’s life

A loving and kind heart is the best thing for good, it what makes miracles. Just ask the Binghams and the little kitten that was saved thanks to their efforts.

On a snowy Thanksgiving morning the Binghams were gathering outside the family’s cabin when they found a frozen little kitten under the snow. Although he seemed to be frozen and didn’t have the heartbeat, they took him in and wanted to revive her.

And what happened next is really awesome.

The kitten started to heal after being warmed by the fireplace and the family called it a miracle.

The cat was named Lazarus.

It is unknown what’s the reason for the little Lazarus’s abandonment, but the generosity that rescued him was lasting.

Lazarus was adopted by a family member and was able to begin the new life with happiness, love and warmth.

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