A dog heroically fights off a huge mountain lion in order to defend his family  

It’s awesome how trusty dogs are to their masters.

We have witnessed a number of stories of brave pets defending their masters when they are in trouble, even if it means risking their own lives.

Like a hero dog who faced a mountain lion terrorizing his family.

Mery Po dre’s screamed after she came face to face with a big feral mountain lion in her backyard. “He was enormous.”

But Mery’s dogs were on guard responsibility to defend the family. Both dogs barked at the mountain lion, trying to frighten him away, and then Rucky, the youngest of the two dogs, made a decision to chase the animal away.

Proving that sometimes large characters come in tiny packages, Rucky heroically pursued the larger, more rapacious cat, chasing him down the eminence.

Sadly, the big cat fought back, leaving Rocky with severe wounds. “We spotted a hole in his brain,” Mery said.

Seeing how heroically Rocky stepped out to defend the family, Mery responded by going in search of a dog, even a nearby mountain lion.

The mountain lion is still on the loose, but luckily Rucky overcame the trial, scarred but alive. He reportedly had eight big stab wounds and was given 30 pangs by a veterinarian.

His owner was very thankful to him, realizing that he sacrificed his security to defend her. “To make sure I’m alright, that’s why he went with that mountain lion,” Mery said.

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