A cat with decaying teeth as well as diabetes knocks on a window begging for assistance  

This kitty has had such a hard life.

He knocked on the window of a woman, begging for assistance.

The woman instantly called Marie Simard, head of Un Chat à la Fois in Quebec, Canada, and told him about the state of the cat.

“I was touched to see him so I told him to carry the cat to the vet facility and even after 30 minutes he was at our partner hospital,” Simard reported to the Bored Panda.

Simard understood that the kitty had been rejected by his masters as well as needed assistance. They called him Aslan.

The cat was quite ill that he had decaying teeth, chills, bites as well as diabetes.

He was hospitalized and was on medication.

“He had an operation for decaying teeth. “He had issues with his eyes, which were operated on.”

Currently, his condition is better.

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