A cat, that has her own little rug in order to pray with her family

A little cat, that got her own praying rug

A homeless cat named Tofu was saved from the streets when she was a few months old. The person who saved her was unable to keep her, and Mohammad Fahmi adopted her and now she has become a beloved and vital family member.

“I persuaded my mother to keep the kitten, because all my family scorn cats, but now they’re in love with Tofu.

Tofu is a very interesting cat, that likes to be involved in everything, that is happening. She adores all the family members and wants to be with them everywhere.

Fahmi’s father usually goes to the mosque five times a day to pray, but because of a coronavirus pandemic it’s been safer to stay at home. Now he and Fahmi started praying together and Tofu joins them every time.

“Tofu likes, when all the family members gather in the same place. So when my father and I go to pray together, she joins us to sit or simply disturb us.

Tofu enjoys playing on the praying rugs, so they tried to give her her own little rug to play on, and it works.

“Than she started to understand, that we are giving it her in order not to disturb us. That was a travel rug, just for our faces not to touch the ground. But we don’t use it, so we gave it Tofu.”

Tofu will always enjoy gathering with her family together for a pray. For her it’s a time for all the family to gather together and it’s the thing, that matters.

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