A cat falls in love with the next door girl and visits her almost every day for the next two years

The best neighbour boy next door 

This story is about a female cat named Sophie and Scottie, a neighbouring cat who adores her. Sophie’s owner told: “I remember when I first took her our on a leash Scottie would look from the yard or driveway without coming close.” Scottie would always be in a safe distance from his beloved cat, but he would never lost sight of it.

“Sophie was too perfect for him… But as time passed he became more courageous and sat closer to the group, waiting for the invitation to come closer. Sophie didn’t appear to mind, as she didn’t have to give any attention to him.”

Scottie needed a few weeks to gain the courage to come to the person, whom he liked.  Sophie started to wait him on their trips and allowed him to sit with her.

And two hears later these two are inseparable. They’re so cute together. Scottie participated in everything Sophie does.

“Scottie is the cutest next door boy. All he wants is to have friends and a short kiss.”

Sophie is a girl with a loving fan.

Scottie is fully in love with her, the ginger cat in the picture.

“I remember Scottie would watch her from the yard when I first put her on the leash.”

“Sophie was too perfect for him, but as time passed he became more courageous and sat closer.”

It took a few weeks for Scottie to gain courage and come closer to his beloved one. And Sophie started to wait for him on their trips.

And after two years the couple became inseparable. The couple is really sweet. He does whatever Sophie does.

Scottie is the best next door boy.

All he ever wanted was to have friends and a short kiss.

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