A cat decides to return to the neighbour to receive a daily dose of love, cuddles and a lunch

A cute cat, that likes to be in the middle of attention and receive food 

Cats are known of being chilly animals, that don’t like hugs, cuddles and so on. But it isn’t absolutely true. They want all the attention they can get. Mama the cat visits her neighbours every day to receive cuddles, hugs and a food.

The cat called Mama has been visiting the next door neighbour every day. And of course there was a reason for that. Mama has found that every time she goes to their house they welcome her with cuddles and a bite of food.  It was unusual at first, but now it has become a normal thing for both of them.

A daily ritual!

Mama visits us every day. The cute kitten wanted pets and food from her neighbour, and she receives both of them. But Mama isn’t the only one who likes it. The neighbour seems to be happy for the visits, snuggling with her and feeding from his hand.

It’s an everyday routine, that occurs in the afternoon every day. The cat passes by the big window, bangs on it to attract the neighbour’s attention. Than he comes and gives him hugs and food. Why shouldn’t the cat returned after receiving such a lot of love and attention? It’s a love story, that will last a lifetime.

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