When the kitten notices a baby deer at the front door, she can’t control her happiness

A cute interaction of a cat and a newborn deer

It’s so sweet to see two different species communicating, especially when one of the. is a cat. Just look at the video, where a cat and a deer met for the first time. The cat’s answer is worthy, and we couldn’t get enough of the video.

A little cat named Miro can’t hide her happiness when she noticed a deer around her doorstep. But on the other hand the newborn deer looked at Miro as if she didn’t exist. And the kitten decided to do something to attract the deer’s attention. It was really cute and adorable.

Miro was in love with the deer and have him poor love kisses. We think, she will do everything possible to get the attention needed. The deer was a newborn, he was born just 48 hours before and it was very difficult for him to move and answer to Miro.

Many people thought the deer was leftover, but soon after the video the deer mother came and he was happy to be finally reunited with her.

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