What the mother bear did to protect her cub from the tiger, that attacked them, was so touching

Both human and wildlife mothers are ready to risk their lives for the safety of their babies.

When India’s Maharashtra’s Tadoba National Park posted a video of a mommy bear protecting her cub from a tiger became a hit on Facebook. Everything began from the moment, the baby bear wanted to drink some water from a water hole, when the tiger attacked. It was seen by the bear’s mom, who immediately came for help.

A strong fight began between the tiger and the bear, which lasted for 15 minutes.

It’s the most violent scene you have ever seen. The baby ran away leaving her mom alone, but the bear didn’t stop struggling and fought until the end. The war finished when the tiger fell into the water.

Fortunately, the lucky bear and her cub were saved and continued living. It’s important to mention that the bear won the fight due to her thick hair, which protected her from being caught by the tiger.

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