What is going on here will not leave you indifferent:  the dog was ordered to carry the cat to his master  

Aurora, a new sleeping beauty, enjoys doing what real queens do. She is really pretty!

This adorable cat looks like a real queen!

Here we present you a new sleeping beauty named Aurora ( named after the main character of “Sleeping Beauty”), who looks like a real queen and is quite famous on social media.

The pretty cat has all the manners real queens have, so everyone treats her as a ruler. She behaves herself as she is the head of her home and does what queens do: eats, sleeps and enjoys being caressed. That’s wonderful!

Aurora knows that she is beautiful and everyone loves her, but she is so friendly and sociable, too. Many people think she is arrogant, but her owners claim that she is really cute and loves to play with others and gives much love and attention to her lovely owners.

Enjoy her amazing photos and get attracted by this beauty!

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