What a happy termination: the former master attempted to kill him three times  

This story is about Molly, a miserable dog that has been ignored for so long by her master.

Nonetheless, Molly also overcame three separate attempts by her master to kill her.

Luckily, she only managed to escape the abandoned life due to a skin disease.

Sadly, her hair began to fall out as she was not cured. But she was rescued by Sidewalk Specials, which ended his unlucky days.

She even managed to sleep soundly for the premier time in her life.

Molly looks so cute these days after curing her skin condition and back to her full skin.

Even better, she was affiliated by an older woman who became attached to her at first sight. Currently, she has siblings to play with as well as a nice warm bed to sleep in.

What a happy termination!

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