This lost pup visits the police station in order to announce about his disappearance

The adventures of this lost pup.

Though we’re used to dogs doing all kinds of unanticipated (and why not fun) things, this pup has taken the Internet by storm for his adventures!

Employees of the Odessa Police Department in Texas were amazed as soon as a pup walked through the leading doors.

In was early in the morning, so, everyone thought it was a dream or something like that, but it was as actual as breathing. And though all the employees remained their mouths open, the amiable pup got closer to one of the employees in the coolest possible ways.

Sergeant Rusty Martin was that employee who peacefully admitted the pup. And, according to him, the unanticipated guest did not seem to be sad by the current situation in any way.

So, the employees had no variant but to play with him? “We were all pleased to see him in the building,” told sergeant Martin to the Dodo. “We had a tennis ball and tossed it in the hallway for a bit. Everyone was fond of the pup.”

However, regardless of his generous soul as well as amiable nature, no one enters the police station for amusement, so the police had a desire to understand what was the identity of the pup.

And since he has a collar, they thought it would be not so difficult task… The identification label was lacking. This is as soon as they got the animal control department to come in for a microchip verification.

Before the arrival of the animal control service, the sweet German Shepherd made a decision that he had enough. “He ran as quick as he came in,” the sergeant posted on his Facebook account.

The following day, the sergeant was delighted to discover that the pup guest was in good state as well as healthy, and, which is more essential, joined with his human father.

Despite this, he could not hide his excitement for the unanticipated visitation and said that the pup named Chico could return at any time.

“The master responded the next day saying that it was his pup and he returned home,” the sergeant wrote.

“He lives approximately a mile from the department. He was given a lot of affection as well as attention [at the police station]. We found out that he returned securely to his master. Chico is always joyful to come back anytime.”

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