This kitty just desires to have a home and be loved after everything that has occurred  

He’s just a soft creature who needs a caring home.

As soon as Deanna McCallum became aware of the kitten’s sad condition, she realized she was able to provide everything he needed, so she rushed to see him and fill out all the necessary documentation to get him home.

As stated by Deanna, who spoke to The Dodo:

“It took me a long period to meet him via Zoom because he has been with Anne’s Point Animal Relief for a long time.” I realized that I urgently needed a foster family.

After getting the call from Zoom, Deanna was sure she wanted to take the wonderful kitty Jolie and provide her with the forever home he deserves. However, he was unable to meet Jolie until he arrived, as she was already in his luggage rack when he came to pick her up.

After spending time in the care of Cape Ann Animal Relief Organization, Jolie curiously poked her head out of her pet truck and got her first look at his new home and foster mom.

Deanna carried on.

“As soon as we reached home, I was very anxious.” “I opened his bearer and let him look around.”

The cat looked shy and confused by what he saw, and Deanna could tell from his expression that he still didn’t believe his eyes it was all for him. Happily, he rapidly adjusted to his new life as a house cat.

Although she didn’t get to meet Jolie before she brought him home, the cat’s new mom was very joyful that she finally got him and she’s sure they’ll be closest companions from now on.

It took the kitty a few days to realize that this was his new home, but after a few days, he realized that he was staying here forever and felt completely at ease. The rescue center warned Deanna that it would not be an easy matter for him to adjust to all the new developments.

Deanna was pleasantly amazed to realize that Jolie is a kind as well as a cute kitty who just desires to have a home and be loved after everything that has occurred.

Deanna concluded:

“Jolie is the most wonderful cat I have ever met, despite the fact that it took him a few weeks to get used. He never fizzed, scraped, or tried to bite me. He always acted properly. He’s just a soft creature who needs a caring home and I’m so fortunate to have him here next to me.”

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