This creature frequently comes back to the locations where he lived happily

The capacity of animals to convey gratitude is incredible.

This mother elephant has discovered a method of how to be indebted to people who not only rescued her life but provided her with warmth, love, as well as affection.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust aims at looking after the bereaved elephants by forming them as soon as they are in a fit state to be free into the wild. Yatta was an inhabitant of the haven since 1999 and she came back to the wildlife after 10 years.

After eight years, the latter made a decision to call on the people who were once her family. She had a desire to show that he had not forgotten the ones who had been so generous to her.

And she was not alone. Yatta surprised the curators of the haven by coming with her little one to show the guardians her newborn baby. This incredible scene was captured on camera.

This emotional scene thawed the hearts of the personnel in the center. They called the baby Yoyo.

Yatta had shown her first child named Yetu, to the crew once before. She seemed to want to express her trust and affection by carrying the newborn to a place where she was loved and cared for.

Family is utterly everything to elephants. Back in the wild, Yatta was raising her family, so it wasn’t much of a surprise to the personnel to see the female elephant presenting her new family member to her previous family of humans.

She will always remember those incredible ten years and the period when she was encircled by love as well as consolation in the center.

These animals frequently come back to the locations where they lived happily.

Watch the touching scene as the elephant shares her happiness with her favorite curators:

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