This caring person prepared a unique Thanksgiving junket for his dogs

The dogs behold closely as their father prepares a tray of tasty food.

Thanksgiving is a time to compute your benedictions, evaluate the love and support provided by family and friends, as well as the love you share in return.

This pet parent made a decision to express his gratitude to the members of his dog family, and prepared a unique junket for them.

He invites his dogs to sit at the table. Buddy on the left side and Max on the right one sit calmly and have their before-meal prayer.  They behold closely as their father prepares a tray of tasty food such as potatoes, stewed vegetables and some turkey.

Max was quite impatient before receiving his plate, though, shortly the two are having their tasty food together with their father. Only after they have finished, the father sits and enjoys his meal, although he cannot withstand giving them another carrot.

The clip finishes with a beautiful poem by John O’Hurley with an amazing farewell line: “Always follow our tail, it is tied to our heart.”

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