This adorable dog is very famous on social media and has a lot of followers due to her exceptional fur dyeing

The exceptional pup attracted everyone’s attention with her attractive appearance.

Appealing blue eyes and distinctive reddish-pink fur make this dog one of less than 100 pink doggies in the world. Please meet Milkshake.

One glimpse is enough to bear in mind the loveliness of this dog for a long time.

Milkshake, who is 2 years old, has taken everyone on Instagram, and the reason is definitely her striking pink coat.

The reason for this exceptional coat dyeing is the shortage of pigmentation, which is possible because of albinism.

Milkshake lives in London together with her owner Maria, who met Milkshake premier time as soon as the latter was 10-11 weeks old.

The pink doggy grabbed her heart. Since that day, they are always jointly.

We can effortlessly consider Milkshake to be a spoiled pet because he leads a splendid life in an ardent atmosphere full of love as well as attention.

Before getting familiar with Milkshake, Maria had never met such a dog, she couldn’t imagine that such loveliness existed in the world. Presently she is the owner of this wonderful creature.

Because of her pink dyeing, the pink doggy does not suffer from hearing or vision loss. So, generally the latter is in quite a good state and is a happy dog.

She is very famous on social media and has a lot of followers. People have been texting Maria asking her to share more shots of this charming creature.

The sweet doggy is very friendly. Like other pets, she enjoys cuddling and playing all day long as well.

She has ordinary daily walks, spa visitations, attends some restaurants, and, of course, photoshoots.

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