The woman took her cat to the vet, but the poor animal refused to be examined and did a crazy thing

What the cat did to avoid the vet will make you happy.

Cats have their own customs and rules, like humans, and they sometimes can do actions which are quite strange for people.
So when someone decides to keep a cat, he/she must pay attention to its actions and manners.

Recently, a photo of a cat named James was shared on social media by Ashley Perez, a writer, which, after a short time, collected many views. The woman took her catty to the vet for being examined, but the poor animal didn’t like the idea and decided not to be noticed.

And what James did entertained everyone. He thought that by hiding his head he was hiding his whole body and it would help him not to be seen. Although many people thought his action was strange, it was common in feline world, and what the catty did is seen so smart among them.

It can also happen with humans, when they go to the dentist or other doctors and most of them are afraid of being examined, and if they have an opportunity they will surely be hidden like our today’s hero.

When the woman posted the photo on Instagram, many owners shared their cats’ photos under the post to show that James is not one and only who is afraid of vets.

Just look at these poor animals! They found places where as they thought were inconspicuous.

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