The “ugly” puppy, that was stung by 1000s of bees becomes abandoned by his owner

The unfortunate puppy, that had many diseases 

This is Stinger, a pit bull mixture, that was born deaf, was stung by thousands of bees when he  wanted to pick up something on the ground.

The poor dog had a very terrible reaction to the stings and was at that moment taken to the vet. Sadly, from that moment he became leftover, as his owners left him there.

Stinger was staying in a rescue organisation and it turned out, that he was underweight and had scabies, a really infectious skin disease. He spent many days in a lot of pain.

It also turned out, that Stinger has an auto-immune disease and he must have medications all his life. And however the puppy didn’t lost hope. “Stinger is a really cute dog, he likes all the people he meets. He is the perfect example of how people should see the breed: cute, amusing and active.”

Happily the doggie found a new loving family.

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