The scene of an injured catty taking care about other animals at hospital excites the staff

The cat’s health problems doesn’t disturb him to take care about other patients.

Meet Russel, a caring catty, who was saved from a house-fire, and now he is in a recovery process at the Animal Emergency Hospital & Urgent Care in North Carolina. He was brought here in an awful condition with many serious injuries and still continues getting the appropriate treatment.

The kind animal takes care about other patients at hospital without paying attention to his own problems. He visits many different animals each day to greet them and to be sure that they all feel good. He caresses, kisses and hugs them, as he feels their pains and tries to support.

Although the poor animal will probably never be completely healthy, he doesn’t lose his hope and stays strong. Recently, he had an operation, because of which he lost his leg, but this didn’t make him feel sad. He is so brave and enjoys his life at the hospital under the care of the skilled staff.

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