The rescuers found a stray dog, and they were surprised what they saw. Who could do that…?

The face of the abandoned dog expressed pain and suffering.

Once some rescuers witnessed something awful: a poor dog was in a dumpster with a sad expression on his face. Someone threw him away like a trash. Who could do such a heartless action?

The poor animal was depressed and confused. His unhappy face told everyone about his pains and sufferings. He was injured and needed a quick help.

Those, who treated the cute animal in this way, could only take the phone and call special organisations which would solve the problem only in a few seconds. But they thought it would be better to throw him away and leave alone as a trash, than taking him to any shelter. That’s awful!

Fortunately, the rescuers arrived on time and immediately took the baby to a vet clinic, where he got all the appropriate treatment and now he is in the recovery process.

They are sure after a short time the cutie will be completely healthy and strong and will find his forever home.

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