The owner was out of the blue when her 2 white dogs managed to have black puppies

The amazing thing: Absolutely white dogs managed to have black puppies 

The two dogs, that have a white fur of Jacqueline Arguello just had the most amazing black puppies and a question arose: Was the dog mother loyal? “When I saw her first baby that was born, I considered it was funny that was black. And than the other one was black, and so on.”

As Arguello knew her female canine Mocca first had contact with. But the colour of the newborn puppies lead them guess whether their Mocca secretly went out and bred with other dog.

But in reality it is possible, as the two absolutely white dogs can have black puppies, if the two of them had a dominant “black” gene. A colour can go after generations and appear in any puppy.

And Arguello’s joke was so laughable. “I’m very happy we have awesome healthy black puppies and after all we will see if they look like daddy.”

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