The orphaned colt was fortunate with a true companion in hard times  

This dog comforts and fathers an orphaned colt.

Carla Swindle, founder of S&K Quarter Horses in Fayette, Alabama, had a heartening moment not so long ago, as soon as one of her horses passed away just days after giving birth to a baby named Thai.

Her mother fell ill a few days after giving birth and, despite a cure, rapidly lost consciousness.

The horse departed this life and left the miserable colt behind. The orphaned colt had to live without maternal love as well as affection when he was only nine days old. Swindle faced the task of raising an orphaned colt.

But that night he had a sudden fellow.

Luckily, her guard dog named Zip, has taken on the responsibility of father as well as a defender of Thai.

“Zip has never shown any interest in other horses or their colts. We raise colts annually, he looked at the door, just looked at them,” says Carla Swindle.

But on that true-blue night, the dog realized that something was not alright, so he changed his mind, appeared and consoled Thai.

Zip was firm in befriending the newborn horse, calming down the tiny creature with his presence. Thai lost his mother the next morning, but he wasn’t alone. “I spent the night in the shed looking after my mother’s horse, expecting I could pull him,” Swindle said.

“Zip remained with me the whole night in the shed path, the colt lay down in the path, and he lay down there next to the colt.”

Zip became a dad and did not leave Thai unnoticeable.

Thai was calm as well as happy as soon as Zip was near. “I thought the colt realized the dog was trying to support him,” Swindle said. “It’s so cute.” He even consoled the animal, and never let him sleep alone.

Thai seemed relaxed and happy. Whenever Swindle came to feed the colt, Zip was the first to come in to greet the tiny horse.

“Every time I went to the shed, Zip would run into the shed, stay in front of the stall and wait for me to reach there,” Swindle said. “Every time he beat me in the shed.”

Check the video, the colt was fortunate with a true companion in hard times.

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