The newborn piglet would have a terrible end if a caring dog did not appear in its life. So exciting!

The mother dog does not distinguish the rescued piglet from her puppies.

Recently, a photo of a dog and a little piglet was shared on social media, which became quite famous, but after knowing the story of these adorable animals, many people got excited by it.

Meet Katjinga, a caring dog, who became a mom for an abandoned piglet named Paulinchen, and thanks to her the little baby got the second chance at life.

The piglet was found in an awful condition, but fortunately be became a lovely member of the dog’s family and found his happiness again.

Now the baby lives with his two human parents named Roland Adam and Edit, who noticed him at first and immediately saved him. After taking the piglet home, their caring dog began to look after him as her own babies.

At that time the mother dog had already given birth to her five puppies and when she saw the tiny animal, welcomed him with happiness. The piglet began to gain weight and after some time he became healthy and strong.

As for Katjinga, she is the best mom ever, who never distinguishes the piglet from her own babies and gives him much love and attention.

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