The mother dog was left to take care of herself and she had to give birth on the street

A poor dog mother, that gave birth just in the middle of the street 

It’s awful to imagine, that there are still people, who consider dogs are toys and when they grow up they don’t want to feel the obligation for their pets and simply left them in the street. And female dogs are in a much more difficult situation, as when they get pregnant people drop them off without thinking about their well being.

As this poor pit-bull’s situation was very hard, his situation became well known. A post on the Internet showed how hard it can be for an animal to be in such a bad situation. A poor mother was lying on cardboard, as she wanted to be strong to give birth, but in the end she had to go e birth in the street as many people were driving her away.

The good thing in this story is that her “guardian angel” came to help her. The mother and her babies were taken to the house and fed. And they told her story.

“Recently the mother gave birth to a litter of puppies, but sadly some of them didn’t survive. As it still has a necklace, it is possible, that some time ago she had a home. She’s very weak and didn’t have the care needed for her babies.”

We took the whole family to our house. Happily the mother has a lot of milk for her babies.

“Look how beautiful they are!”

The puppies even opened their eyes.

The puppies are now ready for adoption.

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