The master of Max had the chance to personally express his gratitude to Friedman  

The man appeared in the right location at the right time to save a dog hanging on a wire near the flyover.

When David Friedman detected the dog on the I-70 overpass, he was about to leave for Independence, Missouri.

“I spotted a dog hanging next to the electric box. “The wire was surely stifling him,” Friedman told Fox4 KC. “His feet handled the floor, but barely handled the floor.

He tried to move his head from side to side, but he could barely move.

Friedman instantly contacted 911 and then grabbed a knife to release the dog.

At the moment of releasing the dog, he detected that the dog was trying to breathe. He was not able to walk as well, but after the dog was hooked up, he was carried to the KC Pet Project.

They learned that they had inserted a microchip into the dog and named him Max. His master, Di Von, tried to find him.

Vaughn got a call just two hours after reporting his dog was lost, which gave him a sigh of consolation, but as soon as he heard what had occurred to his 16-year-old dog, he was devastated.

It is not obvious how Max got into that hard condition. Was it an accident or did someone specifically try to hang him? Vaughn said his older dog had no way of walking the mile where he was detected.

But she told the news station that security cameras could show what occurred to his dog. Of course, the wire around Max’s neck indicates a doubtful deed.

Vaughn said he called the police, who advised him to contact animal command, which he was about to do.

But he’s just glad that Max is secure and presently is at home due to Friedman. He had the chance to personally express his gratitude to Friedman.

“Thanks a lot, David. You paused what you were doing to show my dog ​​life.”

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