The man who always brought gifts to the donkey received an answer for his kindness from the animal, which was so amazing

The kind man was amazed by the donkey’s surprise.

Once, when Martin Stanton, a kind man, went for a walk with his camera, noticed a cute donkey near his house, and fell in love with him. The man decided to create a close relationship with him, so he gave the cutie a present.

The man is a great animal lover, and he cannot be indifferent about animals, and this donkey isn’t an exception.

After that, Martin continued visiting the donkey bringing carrots to him.

They became inseparable friends and enjoyed spending time together. Martin even got acquainted with his owners, who also liked the man just from the first meeting.

One day the man was shocked when he got the cutest present from his lovely animal. The crazy donkey thanked the man in an amazing way. He organised an interesting show for his human friend by singing for him. That made Martin speechless. So surprising!

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