The little cat protected his small brother from trouble

A courageous cat defended the kid from trouble 

Small children are very diverting and may get themselves in trouble. So the family cat in Colombia was there to defend the curious child.

The 1-year-old kid recently wanted to look from the balcony of their apartment.

Fortunately the cat was there. As the kid didn’t know what waits him outside, he grabbed at the railing in order to list him up, but the babysitter cat understood what’s going on.

When the cat saw what the little kid is going to do, he gently depressed the little kid’s hand from the railing. But the diverting kid continued to do the same.

The cat reached to him and once more depressed the kid’s hand, than he threw him body in front of the ledge in order to block the kid from continuing his actions.

All of this was captured on camera, that was nearby. Happily the child’s life is now safe due to security mesh blocking the balcony. But the courageous cat deserves the title “best babysitter of the year”.

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