The friendly dog says “goodbye” to the customers when they leave the store. So nice!

The scene of a cute dog saying “goodbye” to the people is really funny!

Meet Agusta, a little dog, who has already captured a large number of people’s hearts with his cute action.
The baby enjoys saying “goodbye” to the customers in his daddy’s store.

Agusta became very famous after a man named Leticia Americo shared his video of waving people on social media.

The smart dog had a difficult life: he lived on streets and was defenceless, but fortunately, he was noticed by Jefferson Alexandre Rodrigues, who saved and adopted him.

The man decided to take Agusta to his workplace, but first he frightened people. After a short time he got used to live among humans and became their lovely friend.

He enjoys sitting by the door of his owner’s supermarket and waving all the customers leaving the store. And people respond to him in a cute way.

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