The flocks of elephants presently have come to pay their honor to their dead fellow

Feral creatures never stop to astonish, and what these glorious animals have done dares humane description!

Elephants are considered a highly clever animals, and the tactics these wild creatures communicate not only with other animals, but also with human beings, is at the top point of all fantasy.

In March of 2012, a famed conservationist as well as playwright Lawrence Anthony, famous as the “Elephant Whisperer,” passed away. His family members spoke about the grave sequence of elephants, which is not an easy matter to describe.

Two flocks of feral South African elephants have reached to Kwazulu-Natal in order to call on Lawrence Anthony, making a journey with a duration of nearly 12 hours. What is really amazing is that all these animals haven’t been warned to Lawrence’s house by no means.

Lawrence Anthony, a philanthropist of the Earth organization, has saved as well as recovered innumerable impotent elephants and other rejected feral animals. Dylan Anthony presently is the head of the reserve, carrying on the heritage of his late father.

The Lawrence’s son remembered the amazing motion that both flocks of elephants made in memory of his father.

“They haven’t attended the house in a year and a half and it took them approximately 12 hours to travel,” Dylan said:

“The first flock arrived on Sunday, and the second one after a day. They all wandered for approximately two days before returning to the woods.”

Even though the reason for the elephants’ journey is not difficult to understand, no one can find a description for how they actually found out that the “whisperer” was dead! “A generous person died unexpectedly,” said Rabbi Leila Gal Berner, PhD. “… many kilometers away, two flocks of elephants, feeling that they had lost a favorite fellow, went through a grave, almost “funeral” sequence to call on the sorrowful family at Lawrence’s house.

“If there was a time when we could actually feel the incredible interlinkages of all beings, then that’s when we thought about the Tula-Tula elephants,” she described. “A man’s heart ceases, and at the same time thousands of elephants’ hearts are mourning.

This man’s caring heart has recovered these animals, and presently they have come to express their honor to their fellow.”

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