The faithful dog was against leaving the side of his favorite owner

This scene means that there was a huge devotion as well as affection between this pup and his owner.

95-years-old Maria Isabel Benitez Chamba, who passed away the previous week, is buried in Ecuador. Chamba’s family members and friends attended her funeral to pay their respects, but one guest particularly argued about overdoing it.

The appellee was Bumer, Chamba’s favorite dog. Until the very end, he was against leaving her.

Bumer remained close to Chamba, who planned the Funeraria Santa Rosa, as he had done in life.

“You could see the devotion as well as affection between her and her dog,” a funeral director said. “He was always close to his master.”

After the service, a march was formed to carry Chamba’s casket to the graveyard. Of course, Bumer argued on convoying us.

“He screwed around the hearse before getting on it like he wanted to go and say goodbye to his mother,” a funeral director said. “This is an incredible example of faithfulness.”

Bumer was sorrowful, but his eternal love toward Chamba was visible to everyone.

Bumer’s faithfulness remains even if Chamba is dead. We hope that his harmed heart will begin to heal over time, but he won’t have to go through this alone.

The tiny pup was seen ultimate time in the caring company of the Chamba’s family, united by memories of the individual they loved so dearly, the funeral home said.

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