The faithful dog decided to visit his mother at work, but the dog’s wish did not come true

The dog came to his owner’s workplace to surprise her, but didn’t find her there.

Meet Indy, a faithful dog, who loves all the members of his family, but most of all he adores his mommy named Liza Thayer and enjoys following her everywhere she goes.

One day the crazy dog decided to surprise his mom and came to her workplace to see her, but that day the woman went to her friend’s wedding: the dog’s heart was broken…

The staff noticed Indy and got surprised by his visit, and they immediately informed Liza about the case.

The woman was shocked to hear her lovely dog came to her workplace to make her happy, but unfortunately, she wasn’t there and the poor animal’s wish didn’t come true.

Indy is really very loyal and is devoted to his mom and his caring family a lot.

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