The dog with unique “eyebrows” has a sad expression on his face and this made him popular

If you have never seen a dog with eyebrows, enjoy the pictures of this adorable pit bull.

This amazing pit bull with an unusual appearance persuades everyone that he is so sad and unhappy.

He is called Madame Eyebrows, because of his unusual “eyebrows”, that, in fact, are just spots. He seems to have real eyebrows and due to his unique look, he became quite famous.

His face expresses sadness and dissatisfaction, and the strangers think he is really unhappy, but in fact, he is so friendly, happy and sociable. Although you cannot see his happiness in his photos, you will feel it, when you start communicating with him. The pit bull plays, runs and jumps all day giving and getting much love and care from his human parents.

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