The dog overcame cancer and now is known as the “happiest dog”. She lives the best life!

The image of the dog corresponds to its nickname “the happiest dog”.

Meet Gluta, the happiest dog in the world, who got this name by her owner, who saved her and made her the happiest in the world.
The cutie’s story is really touching and after reading it you will get sure hat she is really happy and lucky.

Gluta’s owner noticed her when she was living in a dormitory in Thailand, and fell in love with her from the first sight. Although she wasn’t allowed to keep a pet there, the girl did it secretly, because the dog was so clean and friendly. Later it turned out that Gluta has cancer, so they both struggled and could overcome the difficulties together.

Look at this beauty! Who can doubt that she is really happy? Now Gluta is very healthy and lives her best life next to her loving owner. And also the cutie enjoys being photographed and attracts everyone around her.

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