The cute little bobcat tries to take his first steps into the world

The little kitten wanted to investigate the area 

The sweetest baby kitten was found in Southern California.

It turned out to be a little bobcat, who steeped away from his mother to see the world.

This gardens, that are lovated near a wildlife corridor are familiar to wild animals, who come here to enjoy the calmness. But they didn’t enjoy the attractiveness of this place as this little baby did.

After noticing a staff member the kitten had to move in.

“We are quite familiar to the visits of adult bobcats and when a bobcat is noticed, it always amazes and makes everyone happy.”

And here’s the video of a little bobcat exploring the are:

Bobcats didn’t allow people come closer to them. The kitten’s mother must have been busy with another kid and it took him a long time to explore the world. But his alone investigation didn’t last long.

The little glimpse of the kitten reminded people about the beauty of our world, that we didn’t notice.

“This kitten was very close to us, but soon after mother came and took him. Having an opportunity to show people such beautiful gardens with different animals is a really amazing thing.”

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