The caramel-coloured kitten is saved by the rescuers

A cute baby, that was saved as he adored life

The little kitten named Freddo has the same weight as an avocado. The Devon Animal Shelter in the United Kingdom assists about 1000 animals per year.

Freddo weights around 160g, which is about the same size as an avocado.

He’s almost the same size as a candy bar.

The team decided to give Freddo a chance to love after receiving a call from the vet.

Her siblings didn’t survive. They were fought by a flea infestation because of their small weight. Freddo on the other hand was now battling for life.

She received flea treatment at the vet, but a generous woman also hand-picked fleas from her body.

“Freddo also had 100 fleas in his body, which will take a long time to cure. The general manager Claire Soarkes took her home to give 24 hour care she needed. Claire spent many hours hand-picking fleas from his little body.

Claire fed Freddo from a bottle every hour, even at night. He “indefinitely clung to life” for 10 days and savers worried he wouldn’t survive despite their efforts. Then he began to gain weight and eat solid meals. He’d shown a big will to live.

“We are sure he will survive, because of receiving so much love and care.”

It’s heartbreaking for animal rescuers to see creatures suffer from things, that cam be easily avoided

“It’s so sad, that we witness animals suffer from things, that could easily be avoided, such as fleas or worms. We want to help him in gaining weight and recovering, so he can have a happy and healthy life.”


Ap they asked for donations for 24 hour care and vet expenses for about 600€. And they had raised five times much, than they wanted. These donations will help take care of all the animals in the shelter every day.

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