Someone writes a letter to their “antisocial” cat showing her cute side to the whole Internet

A sweet story, that made everyone happy

We adore our cats! They become our best friends being our company sitting on the sofa, playing different games and also keeping our feet warm on cold nights. They feel our appreciation, and although they sometimes act a little bit far we know they feel the same.

In fact it can be difficult to express your feelings towards your cat. If you give them too much treats they get fat, or let them do whatever they want they will disappear for days at a time.

So the only thing to express your feelings towards your cat is a little cuddle, not more. And one of the reddit users wrote a cute letter dedicated to their “unfriendly” cat and it was so sweet, that went viral on the Internet.

People liked the letter, and also shared their cat stories.

And one more…

Isn’t it cute? What would you write in a letter dedicated to your cat? And does your cat have unusual and sometimes odd habits?

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