Rescuers found out a kitten with broken jaw and helped him find a new home

A cute kitten, that was adopted and enjoyed his life

This is a touching and heartwarming story of a cat named Keanu, that was saved from an apartment complex in New Jersey. One of the complex staff members kicked the poor kitten and his jaw was shattered. Happily many animal shelters saved him and gave him a second chance.

The complex had many cats, but the new management firm didn’t like them and wanted to scare them away. The poor cat and kittens began to vanish suddenly. Some of the. were wounded, some were poisoned and some of them were caught in hidden places.

Keanu was very intelligent and could avoid getting stuck. As he was hit in the face many times, he was frightened of people.

“After a few days, he was taken to the vet and he told, that his jaw was shattered and he had his teeth knocked out, but he continued to eat and drink. As he is still a kitten the vet told his jaw will heal naturally. And one of the rescuers told, that he’s doing well.”

After the rescue the kitten got a home. Everyone is happy, that the animal was able to find a loving home and a caring owner. Life is adorable for Keanu and he enjoys it.”

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