Radu Termure is a real hero, who has already saved 950 dogs, and now he keeps them in his dream place

The dogs and cats, who meet Radu are quite lucky.

There are many abandoned animals in Romania that need human care and support: some of them are abandoned by their owners, others are born on the streets. These poor animals pass through many difficulties and some of them cannot struggle and pass away.

But a man named Radu Termure came to help these homeless animals and what he did for them is really heroic. He has already saved 950 dogs and cats giving them the second chance at life.

In 2017 a video was posted on social media, where it was shown in which conditions Radu kept the rescued animals and that was awful. His shelter situated inside an old farm house without water, electricity and many other necessities. But the head of the farm decided to give him a new area with all the appropriate conveniences, in that way he wanted to express his gratitude to the man for his kindness towards the helpless animals.

In the new area a very cosy shelter was built, where the rescued animals have better life and get everything they need. Radu saves hundreds of dogs and cats giving them much love and attention. Those who are ill, get all the appropriate treatment and after becoming completely healthy they are put for adoption.

The kind man donates his life only saving and protecting the homeless animals. It’s wonderful!

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