People who made a decision not to have children don’t feel sorry about their choice

It‘s no mystery that nowadays more people alertly refuse to give birth.

And although some still believe that this is a phenomenon brought by new generations, millennials are presently spinning their eyes, this is not entirely true.

Being between a baby boomer and a millennial, representatives of Generation X are famous to have minimal adult control and thus understand the importance of freedom as well as work-life balance. Some of them also enjoy life without children.

Therefore, when someone published a report „people over 50 who made a decision to become childfree, do you feel sorry about your choice? And it instantly became a quite amusing theme. Below we have gained a number of the most striking responses that explain this choice as well as present it in an absolutely new light that you may have ever thought about.


I was 55 years old (F) and I never had a desire to have kids. I just don’t like them, and for more than 20 years motherhood has sounded (and still does) like a prison sentence. Maternal fright when it comes to cats and dogs, but about little people. Useful information for everyone, it’s not possible.

And I am too glad that I do not have children. I can’t imagine my life any other way.


You are familiar with this feeling when you just wait impatiently to teach a child to play baseball. or what do you want to share with them? I don’t have that. In fact, it’s the lack of parental sense. Having children was never something I wanted to.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against children. And I become very angry at people who damage them or treat them badly. I just never had a desire to have my own.


Not a drop. I never believed that I would be a good parent. I have a short character, and although I do not think I will use physical violence, my words, as well as the timbre of voice, will be harsh, very similar to my own father“:

„I was not happy when I grew up with such parents, and I would not want to raise such children.

„In our world, becoming a parent is the default norm. It’s not a choice or an alert decision, it’s not even apparent. „Everyone“ just has kids, because that’s exactly what „everyone“ does,“ Zoey told us. while childfree, people are challenging this notion and putting it on public exhibit, perhaps for the premier time. „And it makes people feel awkward,“ he said:

The founder of „We Are Childfree“ said that „if it’s not a request or even the best idea for everyone to have children, it raises questions about parenting, especially about motherhood, as well as about sex, sexuality, gender… there exist a number of suppositions that our patriarchal, capitalist, and religious, on which the heteronormative world was built.

Zoey carried on, „In case you take a position that major public still considers Radical, you must have quite good reasons so that you can absolve yourself as well as protect yourself in a way that those who follow the script should never do.“


My wife a nursing home employee for many years. Imagine that for many years more than 95% of elderly people have never called on relatives. Until they pass away and people don’t want their piece of cake.

That’s when I discovered that the entire phrase „who calls on you or looks after you as soon as you get older“ is an absurdity. After that, we made a decision never have children. Make wonderful friends as well as discover the world. No repentance.


My wife and I made a decision a long time ago not to have children, but we always left it open for review. Presently we are 40 years old, and we are absolutely not sorry about the fact that we do not have children. However, it seems that this is the right choice for us. I hope we will still feel the same way in the future.

Many people ask us questions like, „Who cares about you as soon as you get old?“ or „what if something occurs to your partner?

„Without condemnation, but for us it always seemed like an egoistic reason to have children.


F (56) No, I don’t feel sorry about it. I’m just lonely by nature and I am fond of spending time with my cats.

According to Zoey, the reality is that the majority of people just have a desire to have children, „and that’s excellent, and some people, who are much smaller, just don’t have a desire to, and that’s excellent as well,“ he said.

When Zoey was asked how she realized she had a desire to live without children, the author replied, that she always knew she didn’t want children. „I felt lonely in my emotions as well as was frightened to live my truth.

I’ve heard women having no children described as cold, egoistic as well as career-lover, and worried that people think the same of me. As soon as I was growing up, I didn’t see a person like me either in my life or in the media, so I kept this part of myself hidden, hidden deep in my mind,“ the woman said.


I am 52 years old, and I am lying in bed and looking at the ocean in the morning sky with a cup of tea and a book. Quiet music and no one requires cereal or needs to change diapers, or a car, or sleep in my bed.

Later I walked around the museum without a stroller without a hungry, wet child or a gloomy teenager. Yes, there have been cases when children behaved well, but what is the percentage.

A bee will cook for one, not for one vegan, for someone who only eats chicken nuggets, and for another who burns water in case I leave them in the pan.


No. I have never had the desire to change my teeth or lose sleep, free time, and most of my earnings. Other people’s kids are ideal. Mainly because they belong to others.

When people ask: „who will look after you as soon as you get old?“ – I answer them that at the age of 75 I will affiliate a 40-year-old kid.


57 years old, without having a child. I don’t feel sorry about it in any way. I sincerely believe that it will be a little mother. I am quite reticent, and seeing how my sister continuously clings to kids, who want something to eat, attention, toys, something else, and calls her, „mom, Mom, Mom,“ persuaded me of the sageness of my choice. In case I had children, I would rapidly commit suicide or kill myself.

My sister’s children grew up wonderful young people, and I love them so much but I need a lot of time alone to stay healthy, and this does not occur with kids.

If they were next to me, I could become one of those terrible people who feed their children Benadryl so that they sleep, just for the sake of peace and quiet.

Everything converted for Zoey as soon as she moved from London to Berlin, Germany, at about 30 years old.

„I have gained assurance that I admit myself for who I truly am. The weight dropped off my shoulders as soon as I started saying out loud that I didn’t have a desire to have children. That’s why with the assistance of We Are Childfree I want to give people the chance to admit themselves for who they really are, defend their truth as well as live for real. I know that they are not alone, and everything is alright with them.“

Zoey explained that having no children allowed her to choose a lifestyle that brings her satisfaction as well as the flexibility to change direction when it suits her. „It gave me the freedom to move to another country, change my career, travel as much as I could. Parents can still do such things, but it’s more difficult,“ she added.

„I like the fact that I do not know what my life will eventually look like, and the absence of children allowed me to pursue this feeling of adventure,“ Zoey summarized.


No. I knew what I was doing as soon as I married my husband. He had two sons from her premier marriage and a vasectomy. He was bothered because I was so young (by comparison, he was 10 years older).

I seriously thought about him and came to the conclusion that life with him is compared to life without him, but with a child that I haven’t had yet, this is what I desired.

Everything worked out for us, we’ve been together for 26 years. As a present, I have 9 grandchildren. The most interesting thing is that without a parenting job.


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