People were speechless after seeing the figure of a cat in the cloud

A cute cat, that has a nature appearance like a god

This is a cat named Clyde with a really amazing appearance and also a personality.

It’s very hard to capture him. But his owner was able to do it.

Clyde loves with his owner Amanda Hyslor. He likes to follow both the outside and inside affairs, as if he is a kind of a furry, all-knowing divinity.

And it is captured in a photo.

“When we leave he likes to follow us from the window. I was trying to capture it when the clouds clashed with the cat’s pose.

And I was able to capture it!

Clyde was converted into a wonderful entity, a sacred little cat.

Amanda wrote: “I captured my cat at a window and changed it into a kind of god.”

Everyone agreed. Clyde’s photo became popular and gained more followers.

Was the photo taken all of a sudden? Or was it a warn? Clyde doesn’t want to comment on it.

“I think he would like the capture. Many people commented, that I was able to catch him in his usual pose and I think they are right.”

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