No one and nothing can stop this adorable couple, a cat and a rabbit, from being together. They are miracles!

These two amazing animals will teach you what true friendship is.

When you have someone in your life, with whom you can enjoy your time and be loved and appreciated, you are the happiest in the world. This is quite common in wildlife, too, so animals also need friends with whom they can have much fun.

Meet Moko, a cute bunny, and Momo, a crazy catty, that have a strong bond and enjoy being together. Although these two babies belong to other species, they like to have fun together by walking, running and playing. It’s the strongest friendship you have ever seen.

Everyone in their neighbourhood loves them and when they see them together get attracted by them. This couple is quite famous not only in real life, but also on social media. They are known as “brother and sister” and show everyone what the real friendship is.

Just look at this amazing video of their nice friendship. It will make you happy.

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