Kiwi together with his girlfriend had 4 babies and became popular on the Internet

An amazing love story of two parakeets 

This amazing love story is absolutely colourful. A girl named Maura T. Hennelly shared the love story of her two parakeets on Twitter and they became popular for being absolutely different.

Parakeets are the best choice for people, who have an allergy on fur.  They have very lovable characters, so they have many among the animal owners.

In 2017 Maura saw, that her parakeet Kiwi is very sad and alone, so she got a girlfriend for him. Their relationship wasn’t successful and after some time Maura got him Siouxsie-a goth girlfriend.

They had a love at first sight and stole many hearts, who started following them.

Soon Maura wrote, that her parakeets became parents and had four babies. “Remember Kiwi and his goth girlfriend? Now they are married  and have four amazing half goth babies.”

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