It’s incredible how much this “frightening” dog changed in 8 months after being saved from the streets

The phenomenal transformation of a stray dog

The dog is named Frodo. It’s because the shaggy remains of his coat resembled a little like the curly hair of Lord of the Rings character Frodo Baggins.

Last May someone found a weak puppy wandering around in Croatia. The small animal was covered in mange and his eyes were infected. As people thought Frodo looked scaring like the devil. He was taken to the veteran animal rescuer Klaudija Sigurnjak.

“I was amazed, I couldn’t believe it was a dog. I immediately went saving him.” When he was able to gain the trust of the dog with food, the man gave him all the help he needed to start a new life. But at first it looked like something unbelievable. “He had many fleas and ticks, and was very weak. We didn’t know whether he would survive.”

Even after no one was able to save the dog’s right eye, he proved to be a really stubborn fighter. Not only his fur regrew, but also his spirit. “He had a phenomenal transformation” told Sigurnjak.

“We never thought he would be so amazing.” After his adorable recovery Frodo was ready for adoption and immediately found a new loving family.

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