It was a touching moment when the loyal puppy saw the calf he had met a few months ago and he had a cute reaction

The reunion of the puppy and his lovely calf excited everyone around them.

Can you imagine a dog kissing a calf? Such a crazy thing happened with our today’s heroes, a friendly dog and a little calf, who hadn’t seen each other for about six months and how they reunited again was so exciting.

The faithful dog couldn’t hide his emotions and immediately jumped to kiss his best friend.

A man, who passed by their side at that moment, immediately captured the cute scene on his camera and shared it on social media, which later became quite famous.

They first met each other when the calf was newborn, but unfortunately, after a short time they were separated. The poor dog had waited for him for three months and had never lost his hope to meet his lovely friend again. Finally, they found each other and their touching reunion attracted the whole world.

It isn’t a secret, that animals can create a real friendship with each other unlike many people. They are so faithful and can be devoted to each other more than humans.

Unfortunately, still there are people in our world, who don’t appreciate the role of these wonderful creatures in their lives and treat them badly. It’s really awful!

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