If Tino had not chased the dog and detected him, he would have passed away  

The dog was lost, and the entire family was in chase of him.

The name of the dog is Puppy. The latter was gone for approximately 40 hours.

The family had one more dog named Tino as well. Thanks to the latter, a missing puppy was found. Prior to this, the dog had been trained as a searcher for sixteen months.

The family went on mounted and the dog went after them. The dog got lost along the way. He did not come back home.

It was found out that the Puppy was sank in the mud when the dog detected him. If Tino had not searched for the dog and detected him, he would have passed away.

Saviors pulled the Puppy out of the pursy clay with ropes. The dog got sank in the clay miles away from home. As the clay was frosty, the dog’s legs were not able to work rightly.

After some time, the dog will fully recover. His health will be alright as well as he will enjoy life to the fullest. He experienced a lot of stress as well as many barriers. He is a true warrior and survivor.

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