After the girl’s sad video went viral, she was finally reunited with her lost dog

The heartbreaking video of a little girl helped her to find her beloved dog

Madison Wallace and her family were finally happy after having the happy ending they wanted.

A 5-year-old girl named Madison, who shared a post of assistance for finding her lost dog a week ago and it became popular on the Internet, was finally reunited with her beloved pet.

The Wallace’s beloved dog named Buddy escaped from her backyard in Ohio.

The dog didn’t have any collar or microchip, so the family’s only hope of finding him was the Internet.

Madison’s mother Laurie had asked people in the neighbourhood to try to find Buddy, but her daughter wanted to tell everyone how vital it was for her to find Buddy.

Madison captured a video dedicated to her dog’s safe return and shared it in the post.

“Please bring Buddy home if you find him.”

The little girl’s video with her cries of begging became popular in a matter of days, receiving almost 11 million views.

Happily her video became popular and received a lot of attention.

On Saturday the family received a call from a woman, who told that she had discovered Buddy the day he’d run away and was keeping him in her house until the family could be found.

And finally Madison and her beloved Buddy were reunited.

Buddy’s story ended happily, but it proved one more time how it is important to microchip dogs.

After all it is good to be ready when it comes to the well-being of a furry family member.

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