After a long break mother pony met her baby again, and their reunion excited the whole world

The scene of a mother pony being reunited with her baby melted everyone’s hearts.

Meet Micky, a baby pony, who was rescued a few years ago, but she had to be separated from her mom. But this didn’t last long, and after 4 years she was reunited with her mom again.

Their story is so touching. After Micky’s birth, the staff of the Blue Cross Horse Welfare had to send her to a foster home, because of some technical problems.
She stayed there 4 years, and during it she didn’t see her mom.

But finally they got an opportunity to see each other again.

Their reunion melted everyone’s hearts. Now they are together and have a strong bond. The staff is attracted by their relationship and they do their best to provide them everything they need.

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