A very heartening post: the dog lies on the tomb of his master  

The imprint of the dog on the tomb of the master worries everyone.

His master was only 22 years old he was out of action after being shot. The animal rejects to accept the absence of his young master.

The animal appears to be mourning and sorrowing over the loss of his caretaker, James William “Will Warner”, who passed away in West Nashville, Tennessee. His uncle is Rep. Todd Warner of Tennessee.

An emotional Twitter post claims that James Will William Warner’s dog lay on his tomb during his burial.

Julia Palazzo of WKRN shared a heartening post about Warner’s dog on Twitter.

She wrote: Willie’s mother gave us this dog print of her son on his tomb after the burial.

“Every shift with Will was a happiness,” Mom said. “He was just greater than life. “He was just a good guy.”

Not only will the mother miss her son very much, but the dog will also show her his true love.

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