A real superhero! A little girl rescues three squirrels, that lost their mother during hurricane

A generous girl, that rescued three squirrels and fell in love with them

Bailee Villavaso is a sweet girl, who was evacuated with her family because of a hurricane.

But she did something extraordinary. She rescued three little squirrels, but their mother was nowhere.

When she noticed the three poor little squirrels she quickly ran home and brought a box and a towel.

“I dried the squirrels off with the help of the towel and put them in the box with beds. The babies were really sleepy and cuddled up to keep warm.”

After rescuing the girl took them to the vet and they were hungry!

She immediately fell in love with them and became their adoptive mother. She named them Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

They’re now safe and happy.

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