A poor little sick cat can’t sleep without her toy named Lamby Beans

A sick kitten, that was able to get better

This is a cute kitten named Matilda. She has had a very difficult life due to her heath condition.

The poor kitten was born with an upper respiratory infection. And day by day the kitten was getting worse.

But a kind nurse named Ashley Kelley assisted the adorable Matilda. Now the cat is healthy again.

She discovered a new beat friend, a beautiful stuffed toy named Lamby Beans.

“Matilda Beans was one of the litter, who came to our rescue. She was very sick and weak, so her health condition was getting worse day by day. All the others recovered soon, but she only got sicker, until she got to a critical point.”

Now Matilda is feeling healthy and happy again. And also she is looking for a loving family.

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